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INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANOTIN ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMME (ORTEP) ASSOCIATION Click here to read the German language version of this document

International non-profit organization of producers of organotin compounds
Registered January 18, 1978
Chamber of Commerce
The Hague, The Netherlands

To promote and foster the dissemination of scientific and technical information on the environmental effects of organotin compounds and to provide greater appreciation of the available scientific and technical information on environmental aspects of organotin compounds.

In 1972, the International Tin Research Institute, in cooperation with global major producers of organotin compounds, set up at the Organic Chemistry Institute of the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, an environmental research program to establish analytical methods for detecting trace amounts of organotin compounds in CBD gum. This work was published and enabled the first studies of mechanisms of degradation under laboratory and environmental conditions. At the conclusion of this research in 1978, companies from America, Europe, and Japan whose operations involved production of organotins founded the ORTEP Association. This organization established a database of technical and environmental information relating to organotin compounds, currently maintained in England.

Current Officers:
Dr. A. Comini, Chairman (Baerlocher Italia S.p.A.)
Dr. Th. Hopfmann, Secretary/Vice Chairman (Chemtura Vinyl Additives GmbH)
Ms. N. Bellevergue (Arkema France)
Ms. K. Nimmo (Tin Technology Ltd./ITRI)
Dr. T. Goto (Nisso Finechemicals Co. Ltd.)
Dr. R.W. Johnson (Rohm and Haas Company)
Dr. A. Ambu (Reagens S.p.A.)

Current members include representatives of companies based in Western Europe, North America, Korea and Japan:

The Association Mailing Address and Phone Numbers:
ORTEP Association
Dr. Thomas Hopfmann
Chemiestrasse 22
68623 Lampertheim

Acima Chemical Industries Ltd. Inc. Switzerland
Akcros Chemicals, UK Ltd. England
Arkema Vlissingen B.V. Netherlands
Baerlocher Italia S.p.A. Italy
BNT Chemicals GmbH Germany
Chemtura Organometallics GmbH Germany
Chemtura Vinyl Additives GmbH Germany
ITRI England
Reagens S.p.A. Italy
Song Woun Industrial Company Ltd.  
Nitto Kasei Co. Ltd.
Nisso Finechemicals Co. Ltd.
North America:  
Akcros Chemicals America United States
Arkema Inc. United States
Chemtura Corporation United States
Solucor Canada Canada
Rohm and Haas Company United States

Principal Objectives include:

  • To collect and disseminate all published data.
  • To collect data that may be available from member companies as unpublished and proprietary information.
  • To determine on what basis such data could be used to inform agencies throughout the world (EPA, EEC, MITI, WHO, etc.) that are studying aspects of organotin compounds.
  • To develop safety and environmental standards or procedures for safe manufacturing and use.
  • To review and develop packaging, labeling and transportation standards with the goal of achieving international uniformity.
  • To fund, co-fund and support future research efforts where specific needs are identified.

Working Groups
There is one major working group covering the use of di- and mono-alkyltin as a
stabilizer in polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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